Official guidelines on the "fido7" hierarchy

Summary: This is a periodic posting providing guidelines to the newsmasters holding "fido7" hierarchy (gated xUSSR FidoNet echomail)."
This message contains some useful information concerning the gateway to FidoNet at, or 2:5020/230@FidoNet.


You should use KOI-8 (RFC-1489, the most popular Russian codetable on UNIXes) for Russian-language messages in both mail and news. The gateway will translate your messages appropriately.

Mail gateway:

To send mail to a person in FidoNet you can use address of the form:

(and route mail for to pccross), or something like:

Please inform your FidoNet correspondents that they should put a line

        To: <your-address>

as a first line of their message, and send it to my fido address:


It is not always necessary to write a "To:" line. If the mail from FidoNet is a reply to your mail or posting that came through this gateway, this reply from FidoNet will usually reach you anyway. You must have a unique free form name in your "From:" header to enjoy this feature.

Echomail/news gateway:

Newsgroups gated from FidoNet are clustered in the "fido7" hierarchy, and distribution is set to "fido7". The newsgroup where you probably read this text, "fido7.postmasters", is for official publications and questions concerning the gateway (both technical and political). This newsgroup is _not_ gated to FidoNet. If you feed some node with _any_ group(s) from "fido7" hierarchy, you MUST feed it with "fido7.postmasters".

Some words about the rules. As the origin of the newsgroups is FidoNet, they live according to FidoNet Rules and EchoPolicy. Most of the newsgroups are moderated "post factum", i.e. they are "technically" unmoderated, but there is a person responsible for the proper manner of the discussions, who will complain if you are breaking the rules.

According to the rules, the "SysOp" (node Postmaster in case of RFC-style network) is responsible for the behavior of the users, and the news link to a node MAY be braked in case of annoying behavior of the users or the postmaster.

If you are the postmaster of a node with a newsserver, I do not recommend to make the "fido7" hierarchy visible to the newsserver subscribers, unless you are absolutely sure in all your subscribers. Generally, a person should not gain write access to fido7. groups until s/he read and agree with this document.


By the fact of receiving a newsgroup that belong to "fido7" hierarchy you agree to follow FidoNet echo rules, including the obligation to forbid access to a newsgroup to a user and to stop feeding a node with a newsgroup on request of the Moderator of that newsgroup. If you cannot agree with this requirement, immediately remove all fido7.* groups from your news system and ask your uplink to stop feeding you.

I hope this rule will never be applied :-), but please take into account several guidelines:

1. Any kind of commerce is strictly prohibited in most fido groups.

2. Do not post to any fido7 group until you obtain, read and agree with the rules of this particular group. In most groups, rules are published by the Moderator monthly or bi-monthly. In some groups, the rules are not published. You can post to such group only if you are reading it for more than a month and are quite sure that your posting will not offend anybody.

3. Crossposts to fido7. hierarchy groups and to groups of other hierarchies are strongly discouraged. Do not post to more than two fido7. newsgroups.

4. Do not quote too much. Quote as much as necessary to understand the topic. Overquoting is forbidden by the most newsgroups' rules.

5. Do not use long signatures. As a rule, the signature must not exceed 1 line. Remember that your E-mail address and organization name is already present in the article header. FidoNet folks become _very_ nervous about long signatures.

6. ">" quoting character is strongly preffered - it is FidoNet standard.

7. Do not post "personal" messages, esp. personal flames. Please "flames >/dev/null" :-)

8. "From:" header in your postings must contain your valid domain address and your real name. Do not post being logged in as "root", "admin" etc.

And now in Russian:

1. Любая коммерция строго запрещена в большинстве групп Фидонет.

2. Не посылайте постингов в группу иерархии fido7 до тех пор, пока Вы не получите, прочитаете и согласитесь с правилами этой группы. В большистве групп, Модератор публикует правила раз в месяц или в два. В некоторых группах правила не публикуются. Вы можете писать в такую группу только если Вы читаете её больше месяца и абсолютно уверены, что Ваше послание никого не заденет.

3. Кросспостинги в группы из иерархии fido7 и в группы других иерархий настойчиво не рекомендуются. Не делайте кросспостингов в более чем две группы fido7.

4. Не цитируйте больше, чем необходимо для того, чтобы понять, о чем идет речь. Избыточное цитирование обычно запрещается правилами групп.

5. Не ставьте длинных сигнатур. Как правило, сигнатура не должна быть больше одной строки. Помните, что Ваш E-mail адрес и название организации уже есть в заголовке Вашего постинга. Публика из Фидонет очень не любит читать длинные сигнатуры.

6. Настоятельно рекомендуется выделять цитаты символом ">" а не каким- нибудь другим - в Фидонет это стандарт.

7. Не пишите постингов, адресованных кому-то персонально, тем более если это "наезд". Пожалуйста "flames >/dev/null" :-)

8. Поле "From:" Ваших постингов обязано содержать Ваш полный доменный адрес и настоящее имя. Не делайте постингов от имени "root", "admin" и т.п.


Me, Eugene Crosser (Evgeny Cherkashin), the GateMaster, can be accessed as:, Eugene Crosser of 2:5020/230@FidoNet, voice:7(095)214-7492

Happy networking, Eugene

Feb 16, 1996 Gate opened on Apr 9, 1992