Public access to fido7 newsgroups

This document is also available in Russian version.
The best way to get access to the newsgroups in fido7 hierarchy is through the news server of your ISP. Try to convince them to carry this hierarchy if they are not already. This will be the fastest way for you and least burdening for us.

If your ISP do not carry fido7 hiearachy you can get access through several "official" and "unofficial" public news servers. "Official" fido7 servers are:

  1. Primary news server. Its main purpose is to provide other servers with news feed; individual readers are not welcome and may be barred.
Depending on system load, these servers may or may not let readers in. If you want guaranteed access, speak to your ISP. Remember that the companies and individuals who are supporting fido7 hierarchy do it as a public service. In any case most likely the news servers will require that your IP address is listed in reverse DNS zone. If you don't know what is that, ask your ISP.

Gatekeeper does not have information about "unofficial" servers. SetLinks error: Error server answer

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